Personnel Consulting

Economy is always changing. This makes it even more crucial to find ambitious people who want to drive these changes.

Günter Stahl, company founder ( 2010)

Recruitment consultants at eye level

Rooted in Bavaria, networked throughout Germany: As an HR consultancy, we support you in your search for experts and true leaders.

Digitalization is not only bringing about new work processes and job profiles. The way companies and candidates come together is also changing. As experienced recruiters, we know the job market and draw on a wealth of experience in recruiting.

We are experts in recruiting and have a broad network at our disposal. At our locations in Wackersdorf, Regensburg and Amberg, we make contact with executives and experts throughout Germany. Direct search is the most effective way to find suitable candidates for your vacant position.

What makes a good personnel consultant? For us, the basic requirements are openness, commitment and discretion. With these values, we stand by you as a reliable partner throughout the entire application process.

Gain insight into our comprehensive industry expertise. In our job board you will find current vacancies of our clients.

Rely on professional personnel consulting

Transparency is essential for confidential cooperation. We therefore follow clear guidelines.

Personnel consulting vs. personnel placement - what is the difference?

Personnel consulting goes far beyond the mere placement of potential applicants. We do not see ourselves as "brokers of resumes", but provide comprehensive advice and support in personnel selection. Our service starts with the search for executives and specialists and extends to support in contract negotiations and professional onboarding.

Executive Search – the brightest minds for your company

To master challenging times, you need one thing above all: qualified specialists and executives. Specialists who see digitization as an opportunity and find solutions to the problems of tomorrow. This challenge is what drives us: We support you in filling key positions permanently. To do this, we rely on direct approach and directly target experienced executives and suitable candidates.

Our procedure

Demanding profiles are a challenge for us. We find passionate managers and specialists who are burning for their tasks. We always keep your goals and requirements in focus – from the initial assessment to the conclusion of the contract and beyond.

Strategic analyis

What distinguishes your company and what competencies do you need? We get to the bottom of your needs and create a custom-fit job profile.

Effective recruiting

Direct approach and active sourcing are our strengths. In addition, we use the variety of modern recruiting channels: Online and print media, social media and our in-house job board.

Confident selection

Nothing is left to chance: We check all documents carefully and get to the bottom of candidates during detailed interviews – in person, on the phone or via video call. Upon request, we obtain further references about the applicants.

Reliable in concluding contracts

Once you have found your ideal candidate, we continue to support your company. We provide support during contract negotiations and onboarding in the new job.

Additional services

As a company, you can benefit from our comprehensive services in personnel consulting and recruiting throughout Germany.


Sometimes a dismissal cannot be avoided. Even then, as experienced personnel consultants, we keep a cool head and stand by your side throughout the entire process. We train managers to conduct termination interviews in a confident and respectful manner. In addition, we support affected employees in finding a new job. This way, you can protect your image as an employer and avoid negative effects on your working atmosphere.

Advertising service

We design and formulate the right job advertisement for you and deliver it to potential candidates – be it on common job boards or in the local newspaper. You can use our advertising service for all online and print media throughout Germany and abroad. In doing so, you benefit from the contacts we have with online job boards and publishers.

Mailbox service

Discretion is the cornerstone of our work. Your search for new executives and specialists is not always supposed to make the rounds. Therefore, you can use our name and address to advertise open positions covertly. Thanks to the mailbox function, all documents end up directly at our company locations in Wackersdorf, Regensburg and Amberg. Your name and company address remain completely anonymous.

Suitability diagnostics

Particularly in the case of managers, it is not only technical know-how that is decisive, but also personality. Those who want to lead teams to success need strong values, empathy and communication skills. If required, we therefore resort to personality-centered interviews, assessment centers or psychological aptitude tests. Scientifically validated data as well as our decades of experience in executive search help you make the right decision for your company.