Personnel and IT

Success factors of the future

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Günter Stahl GmbH in Wackersdorf: Experts for personnel since 1990

Excellent employees are the basis of your success. As experienced personnel consultants, we specialize in searching and selecting executives, specialists and professionals. As a management consultancy, we accompany you through the entire recruiting process – from strategic alignment to onboarding, and in some cases even employee dismissal.


Utilizing direct approach, job ads and our extensive network, we find talented staff and experienced specialists for you.

Personnel selection

We analyze application documents and get to the bottom of potential candidates in initial interviews.


If dismissal is unavoidable, we provide professional advice. This way you avoid negative effects on your image.

Advertising service

We place your job ad online and in print media, well-known job boards and social media.

Mailbox service

Use our name and address to confidentially and discreetly search for specialists and managers for your company.

Suitability diagnostics

Structured interviews or psychological aptitude tests provide scientifically validated data if required.

Filled jobs
Pooled applicants
Years of experience

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IT consulting: Your partner for the digital future

As HR consultants, we experience high demand for experienced IT professionals first-hand. However, this need can not always be met internally. With over 20 years of experience, Mark Förster and his team are at your side as external IT consultants.

Digitalization strategy

Identify potential, set goals, plan measures: We create your digital roadmap so modern IT systems optimally support you in your daily work.

Software selection

Turn a reset into a success: In order to avoid typical mistakes in software selection and implementation, we plan and control each individual step.

Web design

The first impression is decisive: We design your modern internet presence to convince customers, partners and potential employees with one click.

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Our company history

2022 – Switch to electromobility

Electric cars – including in-house charging stations – replace our previous company cars.

2021 – Launch of IT consulting

A new business area expands our existing portfolio.

2020 – Company anniversary of Günter Stahl GmbH

The management consultancy celebrates its 30th anniversary.

2019 – Investment in renewable energy

Thanks to a photovoltaic system on top of our office building, the company generates 80 percent of the electricity it needs by itself.

2015 – Mark Förster joins the company

Dipl.-Wirt.Informatiker (FH) Mark Förster is appointed shareholder and managing director.

2013 – Construction of the current office building

Martina Stahl-Förster and her husband Mark Förster build a new office building inside Wackersdorf.

2010 – Death of the company founder

Company founder Günter Stahl dies unexpectedly.

1998 – Company renaming and a new shareholder

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH) Martina Stahl is appointed managing partner of the new "Günter Stahl GmbH".

1990 – Foundation of the company

Dipl.-Volksw. Günter Stahl founds "Personal Unternehmensberatung" at the site of the nuclear reprocessing plant (WAA) – at that time still as a sole proprietorship.

1989 – Company location with history

After the construction of the nuclear reprocessing plant (WAA) Wackersdorf was cancelled, space for industrial companies is created on the former site.

Executive management

Our two managing directors know the importance of a tailored recruitment approach. They lead a professional team of talent specialists who are focused on understanding the individual needs of our clients and presenting the best candidates.
Portrait von Mark Förster

Dipl.-Betriebswirtin (FH)

Martina Stahl-Förster
Managing Director
Customer satisfaction is my number one priority. By listening intensively and analytically, I get a feel for what a company needs and expects.
Portrait von Mark Förster

Dipl.-Wirt.Informatiker (FH)

Mark Förster
Managing Director
IT offers incredible possibilities: If used effectively, it can support teams in their tasks. Nevertheless, qualified specialists remain the most important resource in every company.